The Age of Robots

2015 | Italy | Full HD | Color | 6 x 26min or 6 x 52min

by Massimo Brega

In collaboration with RAI 5

Pitch: Sichuan TV Festival

What is a robot? It is a mechanical device capable of interacting with its environment; it is a shell for an artificial intelligence; it is a machine that can autonomously perform an assigned task. But it’s also much more than this, something that escapes baseline definitions and has fascinated humanity for centuries. Robotics is at a crucial point in its evolution, an interesting and exciting time during which it’s coming to terms with a number of technical, practical and even philosophical issues. We will record this key moment in history also through the decisive contributions that European research labs are offering to the field.

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Money Art

2015 | Full HD | Color | 4 x 52 min | Italian – English

2016 | Full HD | Color | 1 x 58 min or 1 x 52min | English

In collaboration with RAI 5

by Massimo Brega

Music by Pino Donaggio

Script writer Dominic Frisby

Money and art: two worlds, seemingly far apart, but in actuality closely intertwined.
Guided by Jacques Attali and Marina Abramovic who act as contributors, together with contemporary artists, art and economy historians, collectors and art personalities, we cross continents intriguing the viewers gradually revealing them unknown, curious, passionate stories that connect historical events and financial innovations to art.
We introduce the renaissance-era mogul Jacob Fugger “the Rich”, banker and financier to emperors and popes, patron of such artists as Durer, Michelangelo, Bramante, and Rafael and manager of the Vatican mint. To see how banks continue to invest into art nowadays we visit Deutsche Bank offices in Frankfurt, London and New York showing one of the most
important collection of contemporary art.

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